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InGeneral is Washington and Lee University’s only student life magazine, an entirely student-run publication (independent of the Journalism Department) dedicated to showcasing the activities, opinions, and interests of W&L undergraduate students. InGeneral is published biannually, releasing one issue at the end of both Fall and Winter Term. On this page, you can find samples of some of the issues I worked on throughout my college career, starting with the most recent.

2021-2022: Editor-in-Chief

As Editor-In-Chief of InGeneral during my senior year of college, I was responsible for all operations for the publications, including but not limited to running staff meetings, pitching and approving story ideas, maintaining staff communication via email updates, writing some content for the magazine, taking photos, and putting together many of the layouts for each issue. I am so proud of having worked on this issue since the fall of my freshman year and am excited to watch it continue to grow.

Winter 2022: "Reflections"

Fall 2021: "Turning a New Leaf"

2020-2021: Creative Director

Serving as Creative Director throughout my junior year, I was in charge of all visual material and layout concepts for InGeneral. I captured many of the photos myself and collaborated with student artists on our campus to gather other visuals for the issue, which were then laid out using InDesign.

Fall 2020: "The Evolution of W&L"

2018-2020: Staff Writer and Photographer

Having served as both a photographer and staff writer my sophomore and freshman years, I contributed images and written material to the magazine, some of which are featured in the samples below. 

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